Storage That Fits Your Business

Coraid provides storage solutions for cloud service providers and enterprises that are experiencing rapid, unpredictable data growth. With the simplicity of Layer 2 Ethernet, Coraid elevates network performance and improves operational effectiveness in deploying dynamic, large-scale, multi-workload environments. Its modular, pay-as-you-grow architecture and easy-to-use software solutions are backed by proven support, design, and implementation. Coraid partners with customers to enable just-in-time scaling and versatility for a fast return on investment.

Coraid, Inc. Headquarters

Coraid Advantages

  • Built to support petabyte+ environments
  • Leverages Ethernet to provide flexibility, lower latency, higher throughput, and management/visibility at scale
  • Permits just-in-time scaling independently across IOPS, throughput, latency, and capacity
  • Enables differentiated performance, resilience, and availablity at a per workload level
  • Provides automated workflows through both a GUI and API built to accelerate operations central to your business
  • Provides world-class expertise to help design, implement, and support you

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