Executive Viewpoint: 2015 Predictions

Coraid - Data Center Transition Becomes More Significant in 2015 As Enterprises Model Public CSPs

20150106 Jan. 06, 2015

Practice Insight Deploys Coraid EtherDrive for Its Expanding Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Coraid Delivers Performance and 24/7 Availability for Rapidly Growing Healthcare SaaS

20141202 Dec. 02, 2014

Practice Insight Deploys Coraid EtherDrive for Its Expanding Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Coraid Delivers Performance and 24/7 Availability for Rapidly Growing Healthcare SaaS

20141202 Dec. 02, 2014

Practice Insight Deploys Coraid EtherDrive for Its Expanding Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Coraid, a leading storage solutions vendor for public cloud service providers and large enterprise private clouds, today announced that Practice Insight, a prominent healthcare claims Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, has selected the Coraid EtherDrive to accommodate the growth of its EDI-based revenue cycle management solutions.

20141202 Dec. 02, 2014

Coraid delivers EtherDrive EX, scalable storage in the cloud

Coraid have announced a scalable block and file storage solution called EtherDrive EX

20141007 Oct. 07, 2014

Coraid to Expand Storage Solutions for Large Public and Private Clouds

Newly Released EtherDrive EX shown at IP Expo Europe 2014 Conference in London

20141007 Oct. 07, 2014

Coraid to Expand Storage Solutions for Large Public and Private Clouds

Newly Released EtherDrive EX at IP Expo Europe 2014 Conference in London

20141006 Oct. 06, 2014

ASI Solutions ramps up Chevalier network

More than 1100 students can now access the campus network via their mobile devices for the first time

The availability of low-latency 10 GbE capacity and VLAN support has also allowed Chevalier College to deploy over 40 terabytes of network data storage in the form of two Coraid EtherDrive VSX appliances.

20140910 Sep. 10, 2014

Coraid aims to be a cloud storage supplier

Coraid Inc. recently introduced its EtherDrive EX unified storage system, a high density array for block and file storage, as the company continues to try and push into large-scale cloud deployments.

20140613 Jun. 13, 2014

Storage Newsletter logo

Coraid Unified Storage Solution

EtherDrive EX for block and file, 4U, 240TB

20140610 Jun. 10, 2014

Coraid’s EtherDrive EX delivers swiftness to public cloud providers, enterprise private clouds

Coraid introduced EtherDrive EX, a unified storage solution for block and file storage. Building on its tremendous success as the provider of flexible storage architecture for large-scale clouds, Coraid is rolling out new solutions and features that deliver a more agile and automated storage infrastructure.

20140606 Jun. 06, 2014

Coraid’s EtherDrive EX: The On-Premises Cloud Startup Kit

Coraid has released a new small form factor high density unified storage solution called EtherDrive EX. In the company's announcement on Tuesday, this latest storage product is positioned as an entry-level solution for businesses wanting to create their own internal cloud deployments.

20140604 Jun. 04, 2014

The Truth About Clouds And Data: Can Your Storage Survive Climate Change?

Just like the weather, data storage demands are not as easy to predict as people think—and guessing it wrong can be embarrassing, expensive, or even disastrous.

20140326 Mar. 26, 2014

Convergence of the Clouds: Conscious Decisions Will Drive Hybrid, Private and Public Cloud Deploymen

Data stored in the cloud continues to be plagued by numerous security-related issues, as demonstrated by the breaches of The Associated Press’s Twitter account, Adobe’s database, LinkedIn account passwords and Target’s credit card database. These issues have caused the IT industry to question how secure the cloud really is.

20140317 Mar. 17, 2014

A Modular Approach to Cloud Computing with Coraid

Coraid is poised for continued innovation in storage solutions for service providers and enterprises.

20140207 Feb. 07, 2014

Software-Defined Storage Moves Beyond the Hype

VMware's 2012 acquisition of Nicira Networks for a whopping $1.26 billon put a bright spotlight on the emerging trend of software-defined networks (SDN), and more broadly on the software-defined datacenter.

20140205 Feb. 05, 2014

CIO Review logo

CIO Review: 20 Most Promising Storage Companies

Coraid named to CIO Review’s CIO Storage 20 – a list of the 20 Most Promising Storage Companies that are disrupting the storage industry by tackling key challenges like big data, cloud, mobile, software-defined storage, and storage as utility.

20140109 Jan. 09, 2014

NetworkComputing logo

Software-Defined Data

The software defined data centre promises to deliver enhanced agility, security and cost efficiency. It will be achieved by combining an integrated and programmable control plane, with a scalable data plane built using commodity hardware.

20131230 Dec. 30, 2013

TrueBit TV logo

Reducing Overhead with AoE

W. Curtis Preston discusses AoE with Paul Haddow, Technical Director for International for Coraid, at SNW Europe in Frankfurt, Germany.

20131216 Dec. 16, 2013

Trends in Cloud Storage

Janine Love, Designline Editor, interviews Coraid's Suda Srinivasan, discussing why the inherent dynamics of the cloud environment require a shift towards a building-block approach.

20131203 Dec. 03, 2013

5 Myths Deterring Organizations from Private Cloud Adoption

Dave Kresse, Coraid CEO, blogs about what sets apart the truths from the myths when adopting private clouds, so that IT teams can realize the promise of transforming their architecture and their relationships with their business partners.

20131121 Nov. 21, 2013

OpenStack logo

OpenStack Summit Presentation: Coraid Customer Shutterstock on Cloud Building

Chris Fischer, VP of Technology Operations at Shutterstock discusses their approach to cloud building, and how Coraid's open storage architecture is a key component of their success.

20131106 Nov. 06, 2013

eWeek logo

Coraid and CommVault Are “Like Fish and Chips”

A video interview about Coraid's partnership with information management company CommVault at IP Expo 2013.

20131023 Oct. 23, 2013

Coraid and CommVault Team Up, Grab Biz Barons’ Backup from HP, Sepaton

Coraid and CommVault are partnering to provide scaleable data management and protection solutions for the enterprise, and going after some big names in backup.

20131022 Oct. 22, 2013

Talkin' Cloud logo

Coraid Hires New Sales Leader, Promotes Tech Support VP

Coraid is rounding out its executive team with a new VP of sales and a new VP to head up the company's Technical Assistance Center.

20131021 Oct. 21, 2013

FierceCIO logo

Shutterstock VP on Using OpenStack to Build Your Own Private Cloud

Chris Fischer, VP of technology operations at Shutterstock, outlines how enterprises can benefit from OpenStack, and shares his experience in deploying OpenStack and highly scalable systems in general.

20130916 Sep. 16, 2013

Connected World 2013 - Video Interview

Max Brown provides valuable insights into the world of data storage and media at Connected World 2013.

20130915 Sep. 15, 2013

Coraid Throws a Loop Around Storage Analytics, Machine Data

EtherCloud Insight strengthens Coraid’s differentiation in Ethernet storage by enabling detailed, real-time visibility into all of the key elements of storage performance.

20130821 Aug. 21, 2013

TruebitTV Podcast: Coraid

Truth in IT speaks with Paul Haddow of Coraid about scale-out block architecture and connecting servers and storage directly across Layer 2 Ethernet for scalability and security.

20130819 Aug. 19, 2013

Coraid Launches New High-Performance EtherDrive Series

Coraid launches its next-generation line of block storage appliances, the EtherDrive SRX6000 Series, delivering more than 700,000 IOPS in a single chassis and more than 4,800 MB/sec of throughput.

20130816 Aug. 16, 2013

SearchStorage logo

Coraid Optimizes EtherDrive for Use as Flash Array

Coraid boosts performance of its EtherDrive SRX block storage arrays, giving customers the ability to buy the systems with all flash or a hybrid combination of flash and hard drives.

20130815 Aug. 15, 2013

Enterprise Storage Forum logo

Five Tips for Hyper-V Storage

Virtualization platforms such as Hyper-V have transformed compute infrastructure to a scale-out architecture.

20130814 Aug. 14, 2013

Linux Insider logo

Public Cloud vs. Private vs. Having It All

How do you take the ease-of-use and simplicity from Amazon or another public cloud, and marry that with customizability and the ability to specify different parameters for your storage?

20130812 Aug. 12, 2013

Coraid Provides New File Storage Building Block for Enterprise and Cloud

Coraid ZX4000 file storage appliance combines flash performance, multi-petabyte scale and distributed resilience.

20130717 Jul. 17, 2013

Razzle Dazzle: The Evolution of Storage Technologies for Media & Entertainment

The huge volumes of data are forcing M&E content owners and service providers to consider new IT technologies that offer more efficiency with the ability to scale as needed.

20130712 Jul. 12, 2013

SearchStorage logo

Coraid EtherDrive Helps Emerson College Simplify its VM Management

Higher education institution’s VMware server consolidation project benefits from Coraid’s shared storage.

20130710 Jul. 10, 2013

AlwaysOn logo

Announcing the 2013 AlwaysOn Global 250 Top Private Companies

Coraid named to 2013 AlwaysOn Global 250 list. This year's 250 top, private technology companies are building a robust infrastructure to host the powerful applications that are fueling the burgeoning datasphere.

20130702 Jul. 02, 2013

The Fifth Wave: How are Cloud Computing & Big Data Transforming IT?

Kevin Brown of Coraid joins executives from IBM, Rackspace, and AppZero in a "Power Panel" discussion with Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan.

20130624 Jun. 24, 2013

JDTP Law Firm Virtualizes Servers With Coraid Storage

Coraid's block-level Ethernet storage technology played right into JDTP's virtualization strategy, which focuses on VMware and spans two offices, one in Irvine, Calif., and another in Westlake Village, Calif.

20130524 May. 24, 2013

AlwaysOn logo

Announcing the 2013 OnDemand 100 Top Private Companies

Coraid named to 2013 AlwaysOn OnDemand Top 100 list. This year's 100 top companies are feeding a burgeoning data macrosphere, propelling the entire computing paradigm into a interdependent, connected, and mobile future.

20130503 May. 03, 2013

Has OpenStack Come of Age?

With the launch of Grizzly, the new stable version of Openstack, it’s worth looking at what the technology presents to the storage market and where the channel can benefit.

20130416 Apr. 16, 2013

Iceland Media Firm Opts for ATA-over-Ethernet Archive

Iceland-based media company 365 Media has opted for ATA-over-Ethernet storage from Coraid for its broadcast programming archive.

20130409 Apr. 09, 2013

IT Business Edge logo

Coraid Adds 4TB Drives to Ethernet Storage Systems

Michael Vizard of IT Business Edge blogs about Coraid adding 4TB SATA drives to its EtherDrive SRX storage systems, providing the ability to access 1.4 petabytes of data at throughput rates of up to 1,800 MB per second, and costing as little as 40 cents a gigabyte.

20130405 Apr. 05, 2013

Cloud Atlas

Take advantage of the new class of commercial technologies emerging to enable Amazon-like automation and economics for private clouds – the software-defined datacentre (SDDC).

20130314 Mar. 14, 2013

Enterprise Storage Forum logo

Software-Defined Storage Buyers Guide

Hot on the heels of cloud computing, the latest step-change in storage virtualization is software-defined storage (SDS). This guide profiles SDS vendors to consider when looking to implement SDS.

20130212 Feb. 12, 2013

Storage Gaga logo

AoE – All About Ethernet!

Chin-Fah Heoh, storage evangelist and Chairman of SNIA Malaysia, blogs about how Coraid's storage architecture has fewer layers - resulting in higher data delivery throughput, lower latency in response time, higher security, and lower management costs.

20130120 Jan. 20, 2013

Cloud Computing Journal logo

Cloud Computing and Big Data in 2013: What’s Coming Next?

Industry experts review the year ahead. Coraid predicts that big iron storage will become obsolete, and software-defined storage will heat up.

20121218 Dec. 18, 2012

2013 IT Storage Predictions

The storage industry’s movers and shakers discuss what to keep an eye on in 2013. Relentless data growth will accentuate the limitations of traditional storage architectures built on legacy technologies like Fibre Channel.

20121217 Dec. 17, 2012

Taneja Group logo

Commodity Infrastructure for Software Defined Storage - Coraid’s Scale-Out Block

Mike Matchett, Senior Analyst & Consultant at Taneja Group, blogs about the tremendous IT efficiencies of having only one low-level, low-cost storage infrastructure.

20121206 Dec. 06, 2012

Storage & Virtualization Blog logo

An Introduction to Coraid

Cormac Hogan, senior technical marketing architect within the Cloud Infrastructure Product Marketing group at VMware,

20121130 Nov. 30, 2012

Wall Street Journal logo

Next-Generation Databases Boost Shutterstock IPO

The highly successful IPO of Shutterstock earlier today may be one of the clearest examples yet of how new designs in corporate data centers are enabling new kinds of business models.

20121012 Oct. 12, 2012

Golden Bridge Awards logo

Golden Bridge Awards 2012

Coraid EtherDrive honored as bronze winner for Information Technology Hardware in the 2012 Golden Bridge Awards – the fourth annual industry and peers recognition program honoring the world’s best companies in every major industry from large to small and new start-ups.

20121002 Oct. 02, 2012

Wall Street Journal logo

Looking for the ‘Next Big Thing’? Ranking the Top 50 Start-Ups

Coraid named to The Wall Street Journal's 2012 "Next Big Thing" list   the WSJ's third annual ranking of the 50 most promising venture-backed companies in the U.S., selected from a pool of 6,000 startups.

20120927 Sep. 27, 2012

Small data, big boxes. Big data, small boxes.

Enrico Signoretti, Founder of Juku Consulting, blogs about how vendors that are working on next generation storage architectures are building their products on few, but fundamental pillars: commodity, strong parallelization/scale-out, Flash, ethernet, software and APIs.

20120913 Sep. 13, 2012

Bloomberg Businessweek logo

Enterprise Startups Come of Age

Bloomberg Businessweek names Coraid one of the Hot Enterprise Startups. This disparate collection of companies is attacking the Old Guard of the enterprise tech business with a common weapon: software.

20120831 Aug. 31, 2012

Coraid Unveils Software-Defined Storage Platform EtherCloud

Coraid has unveiled EtherCloud – its software-defined storage infrastructure platform. EtherCloud will offer IT admins much greater flexibility to run their data centre, including one-click storage provisioning.

20120822 Aug. 22, 2012

GigaOM logo

Coraid Delivers its Flexible Cloud Storage Vision

The race is on to make every part of the data center – from switches to storage arrays – software configurable. That’s the rationale behind Coraid’s EtherCloud storage platform. 

20120821 Aug. 21, 2012

Storage Networking Solutions logo

How to Survive the Holidays in IT

Some best practices for managing storage and staff to maximise work flow efficiency and get more done with fewer resources – especially helpful when IT managers have to manage their environments while staff are out on holiday.

20120813 Aug. 13, 2012

Private Cloud: 5 Myths Exposed

For many organizations, the path to a private cloud seems almost preordained. Here are five common myths about private clouds that you’ll need to shake off before you’re ready to take the plunge.

20120730 Jul. 30, 2012

Navigating the Rocky Road to Private Clouds

Moving to the cloud isn’t as easy as many cloud vendors would have you believe, especially for large enterprises. Pundits cite concerns like security and compliance as reasons that large enterprises will be late adopters, but there’s an equally compelling and often overlooked factor: legacy investments.

20120730 Jul. 30, 2012

In Open Storage The Storage Infrastucture Matters

Storage systems have rapidly evolved to become more open and modular. Storage data services and features that used to only be available on proprietary hardware platforms are now available through software, either as a file system or in applications themselves. These software solutions can provide all the features that IT expects like access, volume management, thin provisioning, and snapshots, but provides it agnostically across storage hardware.

20120727 Jul. 27, 2012

AlwaysOn logo

Announcing the 2012 AlwaysOn Global 250 Top Private Companies

Coraid named to 2012 AlwaysOn Global 250 list. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the AlwaysOn Global 250 - a list of the top private technology companies that are combining infrastructure and software innovations to create an interconnected, global technology community.

20120724 Jul. 24, 2012

Information Week logo

Storage Innovation

The secret sauce for scale-out storage is the use of storage clustering or virtualization software. Such software can spread data among storage nodes yet still treat a group of nodes as a unified storage pool through a common set of metadata. Conceptually, it’s similar to RAID, but the atomic storage units are complete storage nodes. These are what Coraid calls RAIN, redundant array of independent nodes, each of which uses RAID on the inside.

20120723 Jul. 23, 2012

Coraid ZX-Series ZFS Scale-Out NAS Released

Coraid has announced its new ZX-Series family of servers for cloud, video, and big data. The ZX-Series is powered by the ZFS file system along with Coraid’s EtherDrive technology, which abstracts distributed SAN storage as a local disk.

20120718 Jul. 18, 2012

eWeek logo

Coraid Unveils New Scale-Out File Storage Arrays

With the launch of Coraid ZX-Series, Coraid provides hybrid storage pools, data deduplication and compression to optimize storage utilization, which all adds up to a huge reduction in acquisition costs and in total cost of ownership.

20120718 Jul. 18, 2012

Silicon Angle logo

Coraid’s New Servers for Video/Big Data Workloads

Ethernet SAN vendor Coraid announced a new family of products today that offers more scalability and more throughput to accommodate not only traditional workloads but also video and unstructured data.

20120717 Jul. 17, 2012

Coraid Releases ZX-Series NAS – Rides File Data Explosion into Big Data

Coraid has released its new ZX-Series family of NAS servers which integrate with its existing EtherDrive SAN to create a high performance unified (NAS/SAN) storage solution supporting block and file data. It is powered by Oracle Solaris ZFS file system.

20120717 Jul. 17, 2012

Coraid Seeks to Update Cloud Storage With Ethernet SAN

With enterprises steadily expanding their cloud computing deployments, traditional Fibre Channel storage architectures are falling out of step with the elastic, scalable requirements that cloud and big data applications demand.

20120516 May. 16, 2012

AlwaysOn logo

Announcing the 2012 OnDemand 100 Top Private Companies

Coraid named to 2012 AlwaysOn OnDemand Top 100 list. This year's 100 top, private on-demand and SaaS companies-plus 20 to watch-are creating a complex world of interconnected business intelligence, merging valuable legacy data and systems with new, vital streams of information.

20120406 Apr. 06, 2012

Ethernet Cloud Storage

With Ethernet Cloud Storage from Coraid, when more capacity or performance is needed, users simply attach another Coraid storage shelf to an Ethernet network and start writing to it.

20120320 Mar. 20, 2012

Press:Here Episode 126 – Big Data

Press:Here – the NBC weekly roundtable of interviews with Silicon Valley CEOs and entrepreneurs – talks with Kevin Brown of Coraid, about how the company helps the world store a staggering amount of information.

20120211 Feb. 11, 2012

Ethernet SAN: At the Intersection of Enterprise Storage and Cloud Scale

Business demand for technology continually increases, but businesses have no tolerance for waste. This forces IT into a survival-of-the-fittest mode, ridding the data center of underperforming products -- and storage is currently under fire.

20120206 Feb. 06, 2012

Showing Off: What’s Hot or Not

Looking at the storage trends from 2011, Coraid predicts what seem to be the big trends for 2012 and beyond.

20120131 Jan. 31, 2012

Best Practice: Palmer’s College, Essex

Would you choose to work directly with a US-based company that had no local representation? For Dan Byne, IT Manager at Palmers College in Essex, that potential risk was outweighed by what he thought he could gain from such a relationship – and in the end, did.

20120131 Jan. 31, 2012

Coraid Plans Further Storage Market Disruption

Coraid, which offers Ethernet-attached storage that offers a 5-8x price-performance advantage over legacy storage, is readying complete thin provisioning capability – the act of using virtualisation technology to give the appearance of more physical resource than is actually available, which helps to improve utilization rates and  save on the total amount of storage required.

20120130 Jan. 30, 2012

Commoditise Storage to Slash Costs Using AoE

Using Coraid's AoE technique, the SAN appears to VMware of Hyper-V as a single direct-attached storage (DAS) drive, and the Coraid architecture covers the whole network, both initiating and receiving the storage data requests that cross the Ethernet wires, removing several layers of complexity.

20120126 Jan. 26, 2012

Palmer’s College scores on virtualisation, data centre consolidation

From 20+ servers in 2009 to just three servers now, a virtualisation and data centre consolidation project at Palmer’s College helped improve IT efficiency and save on data centre cooling costs.

20120126 Jan. 26, 2012

Coraid and Transcend United Technologies Announce Partnership

Transcend United Technologies has partnered with Coraid to provide next-generation Ethernet SAN storage for Transcend United cloud services.

20120112 Jan. 12, 2012

Storage Newsletter logo

Most Promising Storage Start-Ups in 2012

Coraid ranked #3 in Storage Newsletter's list of the top 15 Most Promising Storage Start-Ups in 2012.

20111227 Dec. 27, 2011

Disk-over-Ethernet Startup Trousers Another $50M

A year after snagging $25m in venture capital funding Coraid has gone back to the cash well and scooped up another $50m. The VCs think Coraid is going places.

20111104 Nov. 04, 2011

Seagate Participates In $50-Million Funding Round For Ethernet SAN Maker Coraid

Storage vendor Coraid, demonstrating that venture capital funding for IT companies is far from dried up, on Thursday unveiled a new $50-million investment in the company that included Seagate as a participant.

20111103 Nov. 03, 2011

TechCrunch logo

Coraid Raises $50 Million For Next-Gen Elastic Data Storage

Coraid has closed a sizable $50 million series C round led by Crosslink Capital. Coraid’s existing investors Menlo Ventures, Allegis Capital, Azure Capital Partners and affiliates of Silver Lake all participated in the round, as well as new investors including Seagate Technology and Kinetic Ventures.

20111103 Nov. 03, 2011

GigaOM logo

Coraid Raises $50 Million for Cheap Scale-Out Storage Push

Coraid is banking that the commoditization craze that gutted server prices before spilling into networking gear, is now affecting storage. The company’s stance is that its reliance on cheap, off-the-shelf hardware running its software on simple Ethernet networks make it a cost-effective option.

20111103 Nov. 03, 2011

Bloomberg Businessweek logo

Coraid Raises $50 Million from Investor Group Led by Crosslink

Coraid has raised $50 million from an investor group led by Crosslink Capital to expand its product engineering team and global operations.

20111103 Nov. 03, 2011

A Look at Coraid’s Ethernet SAN Technology: No Flash in the Pan

Coraid, which has upgraded its EtherDrive Ethernet SAN platform to support an all-flash configuration called EtherFlash. This new solution provides high performance, low-latency access to flash drives sans the bottlenecks and limitations inherent with legacy storage and Fibre Channel networks.

20111028 Oct. 28, 2011

Coraid Scoffs Cloud Platform Startup

Coraid has bought cloud orchestration software maker Yunteq, which provides orchestration and management software for cloud providers and enterprises building policy-driven, automated, and cost-efficient infrastructure clouds.

20111020 Oct. 20, 2011

Coraid Acquires Yunteq To Add Automation To Clouds

Coraid is acquiring cloud orchestration software developer Yunteq, which built one of the first orchestration platforms for clouds. Instead of focusing on the compute level, which is where companies like VMware focus, Yunteq helps orchestrate resources across the entire cloud architecture.

20111020 Oct. 20, 2011

SearchStorage logo

Coraid Adds Cloud Orchestration Vendor Yunteq to its Technology Stable

Coraid has acquired cloud orchestration company Yunteq Inc. and plans to use the technology from the startup to accelerate its plans to build Ethernet storage-area networks (SANs) for public cloud storage providers.

20111019 Oct. 19, 2011

Cloud Computing Data Storage: Buying Guide

Using cloud computing for data storage offers a number of advantages – if you ask potential vendors the right questions.

20110926 Sep. 26, 2011

Coraid Mates with Caringo, Producing Cheap Objects: Quite Simply the Simplest in the World

Caringo is mating its technology with that of Coraid. The object is to pair its object storage system with Coraid arrays, accessible by AoE, said to be the simplest storage network in the world.

20110915 Sep. 15, 2011

Coraid EtherFlash Announces Scale-Out SSD Performance

Coraid has introduced the Coraid EtherFlash solution, offering high performance, low-latency access to flash drives without the bottlenecks and limitations of legacy storage and Fiber Channel networks.

20110830 Aug. 30, 2011

Barryhund Administrators Deploys Coraid EtherDrive Storage

Coraid Inc., a developer of Ethernet SAN offerings, announced Monday that Barryhund Administrators Inc. has selected Coraid EtherDrive for their Ethernet SAN storage.

20110808 Aug. 08, 2011

Coraid Forms Customer Advisory Council to Guide Development of Ethernet Storage Solutions

With an aim toward building world class storage solutions, Coraid has created a Customer Advisory Council, which will be represented by top executives from industry-leading companies in a wide variety of markets.

20110718 Jul. 18, 2011

Storage Newsletter logo

ParkingSOFT Drives with Coraid

ParkingSOFT, an Atlanta based, manufacturer of parking access and revenue control hardware and software for the transportation industry, has selected Coraid EtherDrive Ethernet SAN storage for its virtualization project. 

20110713 Jul. 13, 2011

Coraid’s AoE Storage Approach Anyone?

Peter Williams, Practice Leader - IT Infrastructure Mgmt., Bloor, loves it when I see a technology that genuinely reduces complexity-and saves money-without an obvious performance downside. And he's sure cash-strapped small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in particular would concur.

20110701 Jul. 01, 2011

Storage Newsletter logo

Duplo Turns to Coraid EtherDrive

Duplo International has deployed Coraid EtherDrive technology to build a shared storage solution for a Microsoft Hyper-V environment. The result is an Ethernet-based, enterprise-level SAN that out-performs any Fibre Channel and iSCSI alternatives, at a fraction of the cost. 

20110627 Jun. 27, 2011

Coraid Laments Impact of M&A on Storage VARs

Scores of VARs have been left high and dry by the recent run of acquisitions in the storage channel. Coraid marked the start of its EMEA expansion plans earlier this week with the rollout of its first channel programme, which already counts VARs Bell Microsystems and S3 as members.

20110526 May. 26, 2011

The Different Ethernet Storage: An Introduction to Coraid

Enrico Signoretti recounts his first introduction to Coraid technology and products.

20110526 May. 26, 2011

NetApp, EMC Threatened by Virtualization Technology

Paul Bard, research director of the Global IPO Fund of Renaissance Capital says the smaller storage players have a flexibility advantage over EMC and others. "The big legacy storage vendors want to embrace the new technology, but that requires a big overhaul of their architecture, and they don't want to cannibalize existing products."

20110524 May. 24, 2011

7 Emerging Vendors in Cloud Computing Storage

A profile of seven vendors that are at the forefront of tackling the various challenges of data storage and management – from assisting small and medium-sized businesses to enabling management of the largest corpora of data to date.

20110517 May. 17, 2011