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ESG: Coraid EtherCloud Review Video

Mark Peters from ESG discusses Coraid EtherCloud and the new industry trend toward software-defined storage.

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ESG White Paper: The Need For – and Value of – Software-Defined Storage*

Software-defined storage is an architecture for those who need scalable, flexible, and automated storage operations to support their dynamic application requirements. Learn how the storage layer and the network fabric connecting it to the compute layer can be completely programmable and controllable through automation.

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IDC: Coraid Vendor Profile*

IDC reviews Coraid’s technological capabilities and product portfolio.

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451 Research: Coraid Eyes Cloud Storage Opportunity, Grows Revenue Sixfold Over Two Years

Henry Balthazar of 451 Research writes about how Coraid ATA-over-Ethernet-based storage systems enable the creation of public and private storage clouds with SLAs and REST API-based resource allocation.