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Coraid EtherDrive Data Storage Platform

Coraid EtherDrive is an all-in-one platform for file and block storage and management, providing a modular architecture that fits a variety of workloads, and scales capacity and performance when you need it. Products in the EtherDrive family include the SRX, ZX, and EX appliances.

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Coraid EtherCloud Storage Management Platform

Coraid EtherCloud is a scalable storage management and performance monitoring solution for the Coraid EtherDrive platform, enabling cloud architects to deploy and manage petabytes of scale-out storage with ease.

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Coraid EtherDrive HBAs: Ethernet SAN Server Adapters

Coraid EtherDrive server adapters and driver software enable server connectivity to EtherDrive storage arrays to deliver an affordably fast and scale-out Ethernet SAN.