Data protection capabilities need to keep pace with data growth

Enterprise data is growing at an unprecedented rate, greater than 50% by some estimates. Faced with increasing business and regulatory demand for continuous access to and availability of critical data, enterprises seek a comprehensive, scalable data protection and business continuity solution that keeps up with the rapid pace of data growth.

Coraid Storage Solutions for Backup and Recovery

Scale, simplicity and cost matter for backup storage

Data protection is increasingly being implemented in the application layer as a dedicated appliance or in software. Modern backup systems offer a rich, flexible set of capabilities that allow administrators to tame the problem of data protection and archival in an environment of unchecked data growth. By using a variety of techniques such as deduplication, compression and data tiering, these solutions are able to utilize the underlying storage and network resources intelligently.

Software-based data protection solutions require storage that is fast, simple and scalable. With most of the backup and recovery intelligence handled at the software layer, the hardware infrastructure requires simple scale-out storage with great price-performance characteristics that will allow companies to easily grow their storage capacity in line with data growth.

The Coraid EtherDrive family of products offers flexible, scale-out storage that delivers better performance than Fibre Channel SANs with commodity hardware economics. EtherDrive storage arrays have true scale-out capabilities and provide an attractive alternative to controller-based storage architectures, growing to multiple petabytes without expensive forklift upgrades.

The flexibility and versatility of Coraid’s single-tier technology allows it to be used as primary storage, disk-based backup storage and off-site disaster recovery storage. For data protection systems that enable IT systems to be run off backup storage in the event of a failure, Coraid EtherDrive offers a cost-effective backup storage target that delivers the required performance.

Coraid has been deployed successfully behind many of the leading software-based backup solutions in market. Coraid EtherDrive is easy to set up and appears as locally attached disk to the host. To scale capacity dynamically, simply add more Coraid EtherDrive shelves as needed.

BENEFIT Description


Coraid EtherDrive offers customers performance comparable to Fibre Channel storage with commodity hardware economics. Moreover, the performance of EtherDrive storage devices scales linearly as appliances are added and deployed storage is easily scaled to petabytes. This translates to more predictable SLA management.


Coraid EtherDrive storage can be easily set up and managed as backup and off-site DR storage in a data protection solution. Coraid EtherDrive shelves appear as locally attached disks to hosts. Because EtherDrive uses connectionless Ethernet as the transport protocol for storage traffic, administrators are liberated from complex connection-based network management.


Coraid EtherDrive arrays can easily be scaled to petabytes of storage by simply adding shelves behind the hosts. This allows administrators to cost-effectively expand their storage infrastructure with predictable performance as needs grow.