Server virtualization drives demand for storage

Server virtualization has transformed the datacenter and is changing all aspects of IT operations — including greater demands on storage and availability, and unexpected bottlenecks in performance.

Coraid Storage Server Virtualization Solutions

Storage costs continue to grow

Storage costs can consume up to 40% or more of enterprise IT budgets and represent one of the top barriers to adoption for server virtualization projects. Current SAN technologies (Fibre Channel, iSCSI) are too expensive, too complex, and poorly adapted for dynamic virtualization workloads.

The Coraid EtherDrive unique architecture delivers high throughput and a flexible SAN topology that can support the most demanding virtual computing environments.  Coraid can be deployed with Citrix XenServer™, VMware vSphere™, or Microsoft® Windows Hyper-V® platforms to create a flexible, high performance virtual infrastructure.

As virtual infrastructures grow, the requirement for storage space grows exponentially. Most server virtualization users estimate their organization has experienced a net increase in total storage volume since their organization implemented a server virtualization solution. The ability to take advantage of networked storage as if it were locally attached storage allows common storage functions to be performed quickly and easily, reducing wait times for storage needs. As virtualized environments grow, more critical applications find a home there, increasing the need for highly available networked storage.

Coraid EtherDrive SAN storage systems integrate with server virtualization hypervisors using a simple driver that enables the hypervisor to mount EtherDrive storage arrays as if they were local drives. A server administrator can provision and manage virtual machine storage without the need for Fibre Channel SAN administration or iSCSI client configuration.

The Coraid scale-out architecture solves the controller bottlenecks caused by the virtual machine "I/O blender" common with legacy storage.  Instead of forcing every I/O through a single system, Coraid provides massively parallel access to every drive, ensuring that performance scales linearly with capacity.

BENEFIT Description


Coraid EtherDrive storage removes I/O bottlenecks, making virtualized servers more productive and accelerating time to results for a wide variety of virtual machine applications workloads.


Coraid EtherDrive shelves appear as locally attached disks to hosts. Because EtherDrive uses connectionless Ethernet as the transport protocol for storage traffic, companies are liberated from complex connection-based network management.


Coraid EtherDrive storage can easily be scaled to petabytes of storage by simply adding shelves behind the hosts. This allows companies to cost-effectively expand their storage infrastructure with predictable performance as needs grow.


Coraid EtherDrive matches the performance of Fibre Channel storage at a fraction of the cost. Because companies do not need to rip and replace any controllers in order to grow capacity, the cost growth is predictable and linear with scale.


Administrators can deploy a single pool of scale-out block storage that meets the diverse storage needs of all the applications in the enterprise. They can carve up the single pool of storage among various front-end applications and file systems, and easily allocate and re-allocate storage capacity as needed.