Redefining storage for the public sector

Coraid EtherDrive storage solutions have been adopted by Civilian, Defense, State and Local agencies worldwide because the high-performance, massively-parallel scale-out, and simple-to-deploy systems deliver trusted storage infrastructure that meets the new mandate of the public sector: do more with less.

Coraid Federal Storage Solutions

A unique understanding

Coraid was founded on the basic principles of performance, scalability, and simplicity – wrapped in economics that make sense. This core ethos translates into a unique understanding of agency requirements to deliver storage solutions capable of broad performance envelopes, delivered within the limits of public sector funding, without the necessity for weeks or months of re-training. It's through this deep understanding that Coraid is able to offer the public sector a scale-out, distributed storage system that provides a simple, resilient and high performance architecture enabling greater ROI across cloud, virtualization and big data initiatives.

Using industry standard, commercial-off-the-shelf hardware, Coraid has successfully removed the unnecessary complexity built into legacy storage systems in order to provide a solution that is ideally suited for the needs of public sector organizations. With Coraid, agencies are free from having to predictively purchase future capacity that may not get used for months while warranties expire. Rather, Coraid offers a buy-as-you-go model – giving agencies and organizations the ability to realign critical personnel while managing petabytes of storage with fewer administrators.

The US Department of Defense, EPA, FAA, National Human Genome Research Institute, New York Office of the Attorney General, and numerous other federal, state and local agencies rely on Coraid for mission-critical storage requirements.

Coraid is listed on the GSA schedule via ProMark (Schedule #GS-35F4342D) and is available via multiple GWACs, WSCA, and several other state contract listings.  Please contact Coraid for more specific contract vehicle information.

BENEFIT Description


Public Sector agencies are faced with an incredibly wide set of use cases and application requirements. Coraid’s storage infrastructure solutions deliver near-wire-speed across Layer 2 ethernet accelerating time to results for a wide variety of physical and virtual applications workloads on a single common technical architecture.


Public sector IT staffs must keep pace with the speed of the people as well as governance. Coraid’s trusted storage solutions deliver a next-generation DAS capability leveraging the plug-and-play characteristics of Layer 2 Ethernet, and a straight-forward storage, storage virtualization, storage management building block architecture enabling agencies to get up and running in minutes while dramatically reducing the number of personnel required to manage the system. A current Defense customer is managing 2.3+ petabytes with just 1.5 administrators annually.


Big Data is only getting bigger – and the data of government is growing exponentially. Coraid EtherDrive SAN solutions readily scale to petabytes of capacity by simply adding shelves and disks to the appropriate block, file, or object store storage pools. This allows agencies to cost-effectively expand their storage infrastructure with predictable performance as needs grow.


The Public Sector must be responsive to “the People”…do more with less.  Coraid’s massively-parallel, scale-out, building-block architecture enables public sector agencies to rapidly scale on a buy-as-they-go model, as budget becomes available, rather than struggle with large capital investments. Leveraging EtherDrive’s distributed storage architecture – there are no controller heads to rip and replace in order to grow capacity – Coraid delivers predictable, linear cost growth with scale.


Public Sector agency requirements change almost daily – but budgets come in two year cycles. Leveraging the unique capabilities of EtherDrive Ethernet SAN Administrators can deploy a single scale-out technology baseline that readily meets the diverse storage needs of the enterprise. Through the selection of network speed, use of mixed disk media, and matching applications with block, file, or object store access requirements through simple middle-ware interfaces – Public Sector administrators can easily allocate and re-allocate storage capacity as quickly as the needs of the people change.